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Updated: May 28

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball is all about autographs and memorabilia cards. Every card in the super premium release has a low print run as well with no individual card having more than 25 copies. The checklist gravitates towards the high-end as well, focusing largely on current superstars and greats from the past.

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball Checklist Overview

Autographed relics make up the majority of of the 2023 Topps Sterling Baseball checklist.

The most common themes fall under one of four banners. Rookies are found in Sterling Debuts. Sterling Seasons cards highlight big years. Sterling Strikes is all pitchers while Sterling Swings centers on great hitters.

2023 Topps sterling Jersey auto card of Bryce Harper

In all four, base versions have 25 copies and come two relic pieces. Parallels not only use colors, but they also increase the number of swatches: Blue (three relics, /10), Red (four relics, /5), and Silver (five relics, 1/1).

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball 5 Relics auto card of Derick Jeter

Sterling Sets has autographed relics with two and three players. Autographed book cards with signatures from six players connected by a common theme are also available.

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball  Mike Trout Duel Relic auto card

Sterling Splendor Jumbo Patch Autographs (/5) have massive premium uniform pieces.

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball Ronald Acuna JR. jersey patch auto card

Autograph Bat Knobs and Nameplates are two of several places with unique memorabilia and the one-of-a-kind print runs to go with them.

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball Vladimir Guerrero JR game used bat knob  auto card

Cut Signatures (1/1) are a mix of baseball legends and pop culture icons. Legendary Cut Signature Relics (1/1) are also on the checklist.

While the vast majority of cards on the 2023 Topps Sterling Baseball checklist are autographed relics, there some that don’t have signatures. That said, they’re all one-of-ones with bat knobs, nameplates, nameplate letters or a pair of swatches from an all-time great.

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball  Games used relic card of willie mays

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: Hobby – 2 Packs per box: Hobby – 1 Boxes per case: Hobby – 4 Release date: May 24, 2023

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